Taranaki Region

Taranaki Prayer Events

11-12 May


Organisation: Knox Church Waitara
Address: 17 Grey Street, Waitara
Date: 13th May
Details: As part of our build up to Pentecost we will be having an interactive prayer event that focuses on the rangatahi or Waitara and the region. Anyone is welcome.

Contact Name: Teresa
Email Address: teresa@waitara.org.nz


Organisation: Northpoint Youth Taranaki
Address: 116 Mangati Road, Bell Block
Date: Friday 11th May & Saturday 12th May 
7-9pm Friday and 6-8pm Saturday 
Details: We will join with others around the nation praying for our young people, and all people suffering from mental illness and depression. 
7-9pm on Friday we will meet at Church for a time of gathered worship, prayer and communion. 
6-8pm Saturday we will meet for a shared meal and prayer to finish.
Sign up for individual or group times in between!
Contact Name: Jeff Jones
Email address: jeff@northpoint.org.nz

Organisation: Northpoint Baptist Church / Taranaki Base Hospital Chapel
Address: Taranaki Base Hospital, Level 2 David Street, Westown, New Plymouth
Time: Friday 7pm - Saturday 7pm
Details: Come join with our hospital chaplains in prayer, communion and reflection for our young people, and the many people who suffer in our nation with mental illness. 
join us in prayer for medical staff at our hospital, and for the staff, community workers and the families at Te Puna Waiora (the mental health unit at Taranaki Base Hospital).
Contact Name: Jeff Jones
Email address: jeff@northpoint.org.nz

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