A Call to Prayer
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24 hr call to Prayer // 23 - 24 August


A Call to Prayer

7pm, Friday 23 August -
7pm, Saturday 24 August


“Prayer is talking with God about the things which weigh upon the heart; His and ours." - Bob Glen

Aotearoa’s rangatahi are weighing on many hearts, so we are putting out the call to prayer. Join us as we commit 24 hours to praying for the young people of this land from 7pm, Friday 23 August - 7pm Saturday 24 August. Every church, every individual, every organisation is invited to pray. Beseech Him, worship Him, repeat a liturgy, journal, prayer walk – we encourage you to connect with Him in whatever way you can on behalf of our nation’s youth. 

If you want to pray with others, then please organise an event. This website gives you the ability to coordinate with others across your region. Let’s cover our land with the prayers of God’s people as we ask for His blessing on the next generation!


Find a Prayer Event in Your Region or post aN event of your own so others can find it

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PRAY Together


You can send information about your event and we’ll post it online for other to see and then you can share events.